Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Annual Epistle of Exaggeration and Outright Falsehood - 2017

Happy New Year!

But before the new year, we really gotta talk about the old year. You know the one, 2017. The one where all that stuff happened and I didn't tell you about it? Well, now's the time and this is the place.

Let's start with the little one. Eclaire. She was up to fantastic shenanaginses and was our world traveller this year. She went on Trek in Wyoming.

She went to Girls Camp

She turned 16 and got this crazy idea that she was old enough to date and went to Homecoming.

She also was in a PLAY! Phantom of the Opera!

(that's her bottom left in the gold mask)

She went to Teen Author Boot Camp again, has continued writing SO VERY MUCH, continued her Hungry Bulldogs club at school, and scored SO high in her writing assessments that she nearly got kicked out of special needs. She did all mainstream classes this fall, has really struggled and will be going back to SpEd math so she can give her sanity a break. She is awesome and we love her!!

Jake has been hiding from everyone this year. If I can find a photo it will be a miracle.

 90% of photos I have of Luke Skywalker, Con-man is on his shoulders...

Oh - he did leave the house to go to Comic-Con
 He drove a sum total of two times.

And he went bowling. He had SUCH a good time.

He's taking a class at Institute and is supposed to be taking online classes, but he's been so busy with the napping and playing video games and carrying Connor around on his shoulders..... Oh, and that's right, he has a legit job where he makes pizza. He's loving Brick Oven and hiding in the kitchen making dough. I've tasted his work, and it is GOOD. Keep up the good work, young man.

Screamapillar and Han Solo are still living forever away. He's busy trying to get into med school, and she's is completely fixated on toddlers - seriously. She teaches Sunbeams in Primary, coaches Tiny Tot Soccer, and teaches almost full time at a local pre-school. So maybe they should have one of their own? Prolly not yet, because then she'd hate all those jobs. They came to visit a few times this year, and we wish they lived closer.

Thing Two and his Lovely Wife dontinue well. They are both gainfully employed and loving their work. Thing Two is in Marketing now, which means he moves product. Lemme share him moving product:

They go camping and hiking lots and lots and he has a new photography page (and he's REALLY REALLY GOOD!

Thing One and Hot Latin Guy are up to no good. They have raised a holy terror in Con-man, He's never safe unless he's on someone's shoulders (see Luke Skywalker, above). Thing One toils away endlessly in pursuit of electronics, and Hot Latin Guy really wants a new job he doesn't hate for a company that will pay him on time. 

Most photos I have of the Con-man are out of focus because he rarely holds still...

Hubby and I had an eventful year. I did a gig as a personal chef. It was so much fun!

and hubby had a lovely colonoscopy...

 I had three surgeries, two major falls involving broken bones, and still managed to do a 5K in July. If this post is boring, it's because I had a partial knee replacement last week and it is currently trying to kill me. Maybe if I took some painkillers this would be more interesting? Probably. Hubby's eventful year had him changing jobs so that he might live a little longer because he actually likes his job and the people he works for now. In fact, he's happier than he's been in five years. This is a good thing. 

Running out of steam now. Here's what else happened:

 Debbie's family came to visit

We had a fantastic family reunion

 Josh got married!

Ana got married too, but I missed it because surgery.

 Diane went to the temple!

 El Guapo and Felicity had a new baby!

There was other stuff, but I don't have anything left to write with, I gotta move before I die of frozen knee. We hope 2017 was as good to you as it was to us!

Happy New Year - go out and have a wonderful 2018!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!
Only a few hours left, so it must be time for..... (insert drumroll here.....).....
the Annual Epistle of Exaggeration and Outright Falsehood!

We'll start out by mentioning that a certain computer is holding all my photos from 2016 hostage, so all we have access to are photos from my PHONE!!


but they are the best i can get to right now.

ASlso it should be reported that I am kinda delirious and recovering from the flu and I'm not thingking all that straight. So who cares, here it is. 

In January Luke Skywalker had his wisdom teeth out. Not that he has been removed of all wisdom. He still has a little. Also, we visited the Open House at the Provo City Center Temple. And according to the calendar, there was Nuclear Testing on the 12th. Also according to the calendar, some people went to an assortment of boring doctor appointments and Eclair had lunch one day at Wendy's. What a wild life we lead.

In February, looking at the calendar again because my memory fails me, more very exciting things happened. There was a High Priest dinner where I had to bring a crock pot dish, for example. And some more doctor appointments. And Cub Scouts. Also, more Nuclear Testing on the 8th (Dear. dear Hot Latin Guy tries to spice up my dull calendar). And Eclair sold some cupcakes. 

Now MARCH was so much more exciting!! Luke Skywalker had a job interview (didn't get the job). And Eclair went to Wendy's again! AND WE HAD THE BIG SEASON FINALE OF DOWNTON accompanied by an amazing Downton Dinner Party. EVERYONE came, even Grandma & Grandpa. We served Bubble & Squeak, and roast beef and asparagus and I made a Trifle.

I love trifle.

Also Eclair won a scholarship to Teen Author Boot Camp, which she hated so very much that she's been working on her scholarship application for next year for a month now.

 In April, we went to Grandma's and did yardwork!!! It was very exciting. Also, we finally had Jacob's Eagle court. SO PROUD OF THIS KID!!! So many people came to support him, and the refreshments were delicious.

Also, Jacob went to Prom. With a girl. They were both adorable. 

In May, things got really Dull. Luke Skywalker graduated high school, I'm not sure how he managed it. The previous two kids graduated by the skin of their teeth, but it was easy for this kid. Probably because he's not a idiot. Not that the other two were idiots, just that they were.

Since he needed to be rewarded for good behavior and a job well done, we went to visit Screamapillar and Han Solo in Washington. We ate amazing food and saw amazing things.

I was impressed with what a SANITARY city Seattle is. Not.

June was pretty eventful. We went to some wedding receptions and went to a city council meeting. Woo. Hoo. 

July was hot. Very hot. But it usually is, so we were unsurprised. I turned 29! Again. I have done it so many times now that we ran (Ha! barely walked....) a 5K for my birthday. 

August was a month of eating amazing food. We made a trip to New Mexico for Aunt Beth's funeral for Thing Two's birthday (delightful, actually). We had a great time and ate great food with Thing Two and his Lovely Wife. They took us to see amazing things at Moki Dugway and Capitol Reef on the way home. 

More weddings, and Hubby had his epic birthday too. We had a joint bday party and lots of great friends came and ate food with us.

September was exciting. Our car blew up on the freeway so we got a new one!!! Kind of, actually, because the old one is still parked on the side of the house. So we got a new one, but still need to get rid of the old one. Hubby and I went on a trip to Ohio where we had a great time attending a church history conference. Found another great place to eat while we were there.

 This is the lovely view from our room. I'll bet you're envious.

View from the conference was slightly better.

October we took another trip, this time to Arizona to visit our wonderful Gandma Penny.

It was a happy/sad visit, grandma was in the hospital the whole time we were there, but the weather was beautiful and we got to spend some great times with all our family.

November picked up, but it didn't have a happy ending. Con-man turned two, 

Thing One, Thing Two and Lovely Wife made a trip down to see Grandma in Phoenix. Shortly after their visit, we lost our Grandma and she went to be with grandpa in heaven. Everyone was able to come home for Thanksgiving and then travel together to the funeral in New Mexico. 

December started off lousy when we lost my dear friend Aubrey. 

She leaves 8 kids and a great husband bereft, and losing her two weeks after my mother-in-law kind of squelched the holidays this year. 

But we'll find our smiles again, and recover. And we'll be back next year (or sooner if computers cooperate) with more from the Insane Roper Family!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Annual Epistle of Exaggeration and Outright Falsehood 2015

Another year has come and gone. They keep doing that, and each one is going faster than the last. 2015 was wonderful for the Insane Roper Family.

2015 was a year full of big things. We start of with the Con-man. He did lots of growing and wrapped every member of this family around his little finger. He is the most adorable baby in the history of babies (I say that with complete and total objectivity, it's just a fact). I mean, seriously. When have you seen a cuter baby?

Other babies joined him in 2015, 2nd cousins Addled and Doc Brown joined the family in 2015. While both these cousins are cute and adorable, Con-man is far and away the winner for Most Adorable Baby of All Time.

Eclair is still plugging away with her entrepreneurial endeavors. Claire's Sweet's Wagon received a number of custom orders this year as the word continues to spread about her wonderful treats. She got her boat driving permit issued by Awesome Grandpa, and also water-skiied for the first time. She went to Girl's Camp once again, joined by Screamapillar, who attended as a leader to help out with Eclair. They had a lovely time together. I was disappointed that another year of Girl's Camp passed without any of my offspring catching a Snipe.

Luke Skywalker has had a banner year - Not only is he PASSING all his classes with good grades, he was extended a job offer in his field of choice - VIDEO GAMING!!!! He gets to restock video games every time he goes to work! He also got his learner's permit (finally), but as of this date (5 weeks after getting said permit) he has yet to actually drive the car. Best of all, after many years of hardly any effort and 18 month of intense work, Jacob earned his Eagle! His project was completed in August, his board of review and approval was completed in November, and he will have his Eagle Court in January.

Thing Two and his Lovely Wife have been working hard at many jobs. Thing Two's current job has been explained to me multiple times but I still don't quite understand what he does. He's just working whenever he's not in school and flying when he is. He has started the Aviation program at UVU and is working hard at something he thinks he will love. They have added a few little ones to their family, but since none of them are human, I can't get too excited about it.  Lovely wife is also plugging away and working in her chosen field of Social Work. She is adorable, we are thankful for them both!

Thing One and Mr. Darcy are valiantly striving to survive parenthood. The small tornado that lives with them is teaching them so much! They are doing a pretty great job of it, by the way. They moved to a new 2nd floor apartment just so they can carry their stuff up stairs since they don't have time to go the gym. It keeps them in shape. Thing One is still single handedly running her place of business and Mr. Darcy is looking for something better than the last job. I'll let you know what he finds. They are doing wonderful things and are great parents (mostly because they let me babysit so much, they are so wise...).

Luckily, all four of these alleged adults get along very well and like to do fun stuff like getting wet and windblown together.

Screamapillar finally found her Han Solo. Someone to feed her before she realizes she's hangry, to put up with her tantrums and mood swings, wait I'm gonna stop because if he reads this, we might be in trouble, we don't want the honeymoon to be over this soon...... So, last year's boyfriend got upgraded to fiancee, and then husband. He is a wonderful addition to the family, and after Bridezilla/Screamapillar's fantastic wedding last August, they moved their new family to Washington because they hate us. Well, we don't hate them and they better come visit VERY OFTEN.

2015 was a fantastic year with lots of blessings and lots of fun. We hope that it was for you also! May the Lord bless and keep you all, and join us again soon for the next edition of the AEOEAOF! See you next year!!!!

With love,

The Insane Roper/Sims/Spencer Family