Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Here's an epic idea of how to spend a leap day here in UTAH!!

Would you be BRAVE ENOUGH???

Not me.

No way.

No how.

But if you ever did, you should wear a cape.

Happy Leap Day, Everbody!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

...or otherwise known as, "How to properly decorate your boyfriend's car in celebration of Valentine's day."

It is also of note, that come 5 AM and after cutting out ~160 of them, paper hearts start looking less like hearts and more like Cupid butts. Happy Valentine's Day. <3

Friday, February 10, 2012

Something sweet

Been getting a little crafty in anticipation of Valentine's day....back to making more earrings. I saw a cute craft on Modge Podge Rocks' blog, and tried to do it myself.

So very cute, but a little tricky.  Have you ever tried to drill a hole the size of a needle in a very small piece of candy while holding it in your hand? Not as easy as it might first appear.

Thank goodness for Dremel drill bits and a variable speed drill. You'll need two bags of conversation hearts for this, by the way. That way you can eat one bag while you attempt to drill holes in the other. The first four came out perfect, then I guess I got a little cocky thinkin' I had a handle on it and it was simple, so I tried to go a bit faster.

Don't do it. Go slow and steady, not too much pressure. Otherwise you have a pile of broken conversation hearts instead of nicely drilled ones.

Had to change her instructions a bit though. Couldn't use the Modge Podge because it erased the food coloring "ink" and the words disappeared altogether. SO...I did what any insane person would do to an edible item they would like to wear, and I sprayed them with clear spray paint instead.

While Modge Podge isn't anywhere on my menu, it is non-toxic. Spray paint cannot possibly be good for you, so don't let little people eat these, please.

And then, as I'm sitting there slowly drilling tiny holes into these little hearts, it starts to occur to me: man, these messages are pretty lame. Seriously lame. If I were in charge they would have MUCH more exciting messages, like: 
"You're the most wonderful person I've ever known!"
"Send the writer of this blog $1000!"
"You should be eating chocolate instead!"
Or my favorite:
"Your pants are on fire!"


There have been murmurings in my house about a certain couple....comments overheard.....Pinterest boards containing WAY too many pins hinting at a summer wedding.....

Yeah. Those two on the left. Her on the right? I have no hope. Let's just say that EVERYONE in the family has been instructed to be VERY VERY nice to any boy who seems to be interested in her so that someday we can find a gullible husband for her...

But those two on the left, they need to get in gear and make it official so I can start making some REAL plans instead of just imaginary Pinterest ones. To speed the process along, I made  thing one her OWN VERY SPECIAL PAIR OF VALENTINE'S EARRINGS!!!

YAY!!! BIG enough hint, Boyfriend? (does he even read this blog?) And then Thing One refused to wear them. She likes Boyfriend too much to scare him off, I think.

But it's okay, One of the awesome girls at work snatched them right up, apparently she has a plan of her own that they might assist in implementing...

Anyway! I've made up tons of these for Screamapillar to sell to her little friends to assist in her continuing quest to pay for choir tour. If you'd be interested in a pair, send me a FB note.

I'll keep you posted on any pending announcements...........hopefully soon.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I found a spot of mold this morning. On Eclair's toast. It was a tiny little spot, on the crust at the top corner. As we were short on time, I just tore that entire side off that piece of toast, closely inspected both slices to be sure there was none I had missed, and buttered it for my lovely daughter.

E: Are you sure that it's okay?

M: Yep. You won't be eating any mold. It wouldn't kill you, anyway. Actually, some medicines have originated from mold.

E: OH YEAH!! I read about that. There's a guy who regrows body parts with mold.

****loud gagging noise from across the room where daddy is choking on his toast, Thing One is standing by his side with her hand over her mouth, eyes incredulous.****

M: Really......where did you hear about that?

E: From school. My Read 180 tells about it. There's this guy, and he's a doctor. And he makes new body parts for people who don't have any.

Holy crap, she's right: 

(But I didn't hear anything about using mold to do this.)

Amazing, truly amazing.

So, should I save the piece of moldy toast?