Saturday, May 26, 2012

Save the date...

We had a little fun with a brief photo shoot for the nearlyweds last weekend. Took some small chalboards we used last year for the photo booth at El Guapo & Felicity's wedding reception, and Screamapillar made 'em all cute and stuff:

But then Screamapillar had and idea and tried to get in on the action:

I must say, Best Photobomb Ever.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Slippery Fingers

Last Sunday we had mama's lasagne for Mother's Day dinner. I made four pans, because there never seems to be enough. One pan went directly into the freezer. Three pans went to Grandma's house for dinner. One of the three went into Grandma's freezer as part of her Mother's Day gift from me. Two pans went into the oven.

One of those two pans was eaten for dinner, and one glorious pan was left over to take home to eat later.

All the way home from grandma's, Eclair was salivating. Never mind that she had five helpings of lasagne at Grandma's house for dinner (out-eating even the boys).

"Anyone have a fork?" No, Eclair, you must wait until we get home, please. She couldn't stop talking about being starving for the entire 30 minute drive home.

When we arrived at home, she jumped right out of the car and ran to help empty things from the trunk. Usually she is the slow one, hoping the trunk is empty by the time she gets out of the car. She grabbed the large heavy pan from the trunk and started crowing her success.

Then came the CRASH.

Barefoot Ecliar is standing in the driveway, now surrounded by the slivers and shards of my favorite Pyrex dish. I scoop her up, hoping no slivers have found their way into her legs, before she has even had a chance to react to the disaster.

Then the screaming begins.

Is she upset because she is barefoot standing in broken glass?

Is she upset because she's been cut by broken glass?

Is she upset because she thinks she will be in trouble for breaking mama's favorite Pyrex dish?

The first words to make their way past the screaming and crying are:


Well, at least she has her priorities straight.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why yes, I had a happy Mother's Day...

Probably the best Mother's day in recent history.

Early awesome breakfast made by sleepy girls, ON TIME to church for the first time in I don't know how long, and ALL my kids with me at church today (usually the oldest two attend a singles ward).

Best of all was the event that happened shortly before midnight to kick off  a wonderful Mother's Day:

Needless to say, Thing One has found her Mr. Darcy. And she is a just a little bit giddy about it.

Let the mother-of-the-bride panic attacks begin...

Congratulations on you engagement, kiddos!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ooh Sparkly

Soooo Mom has not posted the Prom post because she has apparently been feeling un-funny. So since she told me ages ago that my posts either have to be crafty or funny, here's a craft.

I had these red heels that I really liked, but they had those ugly wooden heels and platforms, so I didn't wear them often. Which is a pity, cuz I love peep-toe shoes. So I followed this tutorial to redo the shoe soles & heels with glitter. The result? IRON MAN SHOES. +1 Awesome Points.

I did another set as a guinea pig and have already been wearing them to see how they turned out. They were boring, so no pictures.  Some notes:

-Taping off the edges of the shoes really helped keep the glitter under control.
-it takes less of the modge podge and glitter than I had anticipated. I had lots left over.
-I used hairspray to seal the shoes. So far it's holding up pretty well.
-I did two pairs, one with just the modge podge glitter (not posted) and ones with both the MP and the sprinkled after glitter. The ones with the second coat of 'dry' glitter definitely popped a lot more, but the pair with the mixture was still very interesting looking, and might work for a more casual, subtle look
-After wearing the other pair (with just the MP glitter), I noticed that instead of just...rubbing off, the parts with modge podge kinda just got a sticky black. This could because I only used modge podge instead of doing a second 'dry,' coat, but I suspect it will eventually just wear off. If I were to do this again, I would keep it off the toe of the shoe and just do the arch and heel, like in this tutorial.

All in all, this was WAY simpler than I ever would have guessed.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Always with the jokes, my kiddos.

Today I came home from work and nearly blew a gasket because of the condition of the kitchen. I've been putting in a lot of extra hours due to graduation at BYU, and didn't get home until well after six (as I have for more than three weeks now). The kitchen looked like it had been hit by a tornado, and I was looking forward to making steak fajitas when I got home tonite. No dice. No clean dishes, either.

Screamapillar bore the brunt of my anger, because she was sitting at my computer multi-tasking - wandering around Facebook and playing on a game boy at the same time.

"WHY DIDN'T you clean the kitchen? You've had HOURS since you got home from school, probably just SITTING AROUND ON YOUR BUTT NOT DOING ANYTHING!!!"

"Actually, Mom, I did lie around on my stomach a little."


but she is forgiven for making me laugh.....

another gem from recently was posted on my facebook, here it is in case you missed it:  

A conversation overheard at my house today:
Thing One: "Jake, go get me a can of tuna from the pantry." 
Luke Skywalker: "But I don't like tuna, it smells BLEGH." 
Screamapillar: "So? You smell 'BLEGH,' doesn't mean that you're not good on the inside."

The Prom post is pending still, due to too many hours at work, and too much time haggling over white announcement today, but soon....