Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ooh Sparkly

Soooo Mom has not posted the Prom post because she has apparently been feeling un-funny. So since she told me ages ago that my posts either have to be crafty or funny, here's a craft.

I had these red heels that I really liked, but they had those ugly wooden heels and platforms, so I didn't wear them often. Which is a pity, cuz I love peep-toe shoes. So I followed this tutorial to redo the shoe soles & heels with glitter. The result? IRON MAN SHOES. +1 Awesome Points.

I did another set as a guinea pig and have already been wearing them to see how they turned out. They were boring, so no pictures.  Some notes:

-Taping off the edges of the shoes really helped keep the glitter under control.
-it takes less of the modge podge and glitter than I had anticipated. I had lots left over.
-I used hairspray to seal the shoes. So far it's holding up pretty well.
-I did two pairs, one with just the modge podge glitter (not posted) and ones with both the MP and the sprinkled after glitter. The ones with the second coat of 'dry' glitter definitely popped a lot more, but the pair with the mixture was still very interesting looking, and might work for a more casual, subtle look
-After wearing the other pair (with just the MP glitter), I noticed that instead of just...rubbing off, the parts with modge podge kinda just got a sticky black. This could because I only used modge podge instead of doing a second 'dry,' coat, but I suspect it will eventually just wear off. If I were to do this again, I would keep it off the toe of the shoe and just do the arch and heel, like in this tutorial.

All in all, this was WAY simpler than I ever would have guessed.

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