Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!
Only a few hours left, so it must be time for..... (insert drumroll here.....).....
the Annual Epistle of Exaggeration and Outright Falsehood!

We'll start out by mentioning that a certain computer is holding all my photos from 2016 hostage, so all we have access to are photos from my PHONE!!


but they are the best i can get to right now.

ASlso it should be reported that I am kinda delirious and recovering from the flu and I'm not thingking all that straight. So who cares, here it is. 

In January Luke Skywalker had his wisdom teeth out. Not that he has been removed of all wisdom. He still has a little. Also, we visited the Open House at the Provo City Center Temple. And according to the calendar, there was Nuclear Testing on the 12th. Also according to the calendar, some people went to an assortment of boring doctor appointments and Eclair had lunch one day at Wendy's. What a wild life we lead.

In February, looking at the calendar again because my memory fails me, more very exciting things happened. There was a High Priest dinner where I had to bring a crock pot dish, for example. And some more doctor appointments. And Cub Scouts. Also, more Nuclear Testing on the 8th (Dear. dear Hot Latin Guy tries to spice up my dull calendar). And Eclair sold some cupcakes. 

Now MARCH was so much more exciting!! Luke Skywalker had a job interview (didn't get the job). And Eclair went to Wendy's again! AND WE HAD THE BIG SEASON FINALE OF DOWNTON accompanied by an amazing Downton Dinner Party. EVERYONE came, even Grandma & Grandpa. We served Bubble & Squeak, and roast beef and asparagus and I made a Trifle.

I love trifle.

Also Eclair won a scholarship to Teen Author Boot Camp, which she hated so very much that she's been working on her scholarship application for next year for a month now.

 In April, we went to Grandma's and did yardwork!!! It was very exciting. Also, we finally had Jacob's Eagle court. SO PROUD OF THIS KID!!! So many people came to support him, and the refreshments were delicious.

Also, Jacob went to Prom. With a girl. They were both adorable. 

In May, things got really Dull. Luke Skywalker graduated high school, I'm not sure how he managed it. The previous two kids graduated by the skin of their teeth, but it was easy for this kid. Probably because he's not a idiot. Not that the other two were idiots, just that they were.

Since he needed to be rewarded for good behavior and a job well done, we went to visit Screamapillar and Han Solo in Washington. We ate amazing food and saw amazing things.

I was impressed with what a SANITARY city Seattle is. Not.

June was pretty eventful. We went to some wedding receptions and went to a city council meeting. Woo. Hoo. 

July was hot. Very hot. But it usually is, so we were unsurprised. I turned 29! Again. I have done it so many times now that we ran (Ha! barely walked....) a 5K for my birthday. 

August was a month of eating amazing food. We made a trip to New Mexico for Aunt Beth's funeral for Thing Two's birthday (delightful, actually). We had a great time and ate great food with Thing Two and his Lovely Wife. They took us to see amazing things at Moki Dugway and Capitol Reef on the way home. 

More weddings, and Hubby had his epic birthday too. We had a joint bday party and lots of great friends came and ate food with us.

September was exciting. Our car blew up on the freeway so we got a new one!!! Kind of, actually, because the old one is still parked on the side of the house. So we got a new one, but still need to get rid of the old one. Hubby and I went on a trip to Ohio where we had a great time attending a church history conference. Found another great place to eat while we were there.

 This is the lovely view from our room. I'll bet you're envious.

View from the conference was slightly better.

October we took another trip, this time to Arizona to visit our wonderful Gandma Penny.

It was a happy/sad visit, grandma was in the hospital the whole time we were there, but the weather was beautiful and we got to spend some great times with all our family.

November picked up, but it didn't have a happy ending. Con-man turned two, 

Thing One, Thing Two and Lovely Wife made a trip down to see Grandma in Phoenix. Shortly after their visit, we lost our Grandma and she went to be with grandpa in heaven. Everyone was able to come home for Thanksgiving and then travel together to the funeral in New Mexico. 

December started off lousy when we lost my dear friend Aubrey. 

She leaves 8 kids and a great husband bereft, and losing her two weeks after my mother-in-law kind of squelched the holidays this year. 

But we'll find our smiles again, and recover. And we'll be back next year (or sooner if computers cooperate) with more from the Insane Roper Family!