Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Look! I made something weird this weekend!!!

a Peck of pickled PEPPERS...

Actually, I made 7 pints. I'm not sure what a peck is, some portion of a bushel, I think. And I'm probably wrong about that, I'm just using what I learned from costuming Guys & Dolls. I canned hot pickled vegies for my Pop, who loves them for some strange reason. All afternoon on Saturday when I was making them I kept hearing "What is that funky smell?" and "Man, that stinks!" followed by "We'll come back inside when the house doesn't smell like vinegar anymore. See you next week."

But my dad was thrilled, and that's the important thing. When he opened a jar (man, that smelled HOT) he only said "YUMMM!!!" while everyone else said "Put the lid back on!" (If you're feeling especially brave, the recipe can be found in the Ball Blue Book.)

My hubby LOVES his present. He was feeling kinda left out, not being on the chore chart and I took another chore chart idea I saw somewhere in the blogiverse and came up with this:

He was a tad disappointed that it didn't come with any actual honeydew. He'll get over it. And he already fixed the swamp cooler on Saturday night, so he was able to cross something out immediately! Talk about instant gratification.

All I have done here is use an 11x14 frame that was collecting dust under the piano in the living room (I highly recommend having a baby grand piano, if for no other reason, you can cram a lot of stuff underneath it) and spraypainted it with that same "caramel latte" that I used for the desk organizer. Then I made a collage from some fun honeydew photos off the web, printed landscape with "Daddy's Honey-do List" at the top, trimmed and taped into the frame.

This next part is reeeaalllly difficult:

find the hammer and a nail so you can hang it up.

I have three hammers. You think I could find one when I need one. Screamapillar had one in her room, I don't want to know why, but I used that one.

It was easier to find a green dry erase marker in my many pen jars scattered around the house than it was to find the hammer. You have two choices with the dry erase marker: 1.) wipe off the job after you finish it or B.) cross them off one by one and only wipe it down after there is no room left to write new jobs so wife won't forget the wonderful things you have accomplished when she says "you never do anything around here." (love my run-on non-sentences?)

He says he loves it, but didn't want it hanging by his desk. He wants it in plain sight where everyone can see it (he just wants credit for crossing stuff off, I'll bet).

This really was a gift for me, you know. When I remember the really terrible jobs that I don't want to do but would prefer my big strong hubby to do for me because he is the nicest person on the planet and can never say "no" to me, then I can write them down. And he will do them. 'Cause he's cool like that.

And it wasn't all he got, either. So don't be thinking I'm a rotten wife or anything.

He got a tie, too.

And bacon.

And the most amazing lasagne dinner for 28 people ever. My whole family came, and the college/teenager kids broke in the new dining table playing Cataan and PIT!!!! for 4 hours.

A good time was had by all.


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Nemmer said...

A peck = 8 quarts. Now you know. :D (thank google, I didn't actually know that)

Libbie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Father's DAy! I clicked over from Free PTFY & I am so glad I did....I looked through your blog for awhile & enjoyed my visit! We are a family who loves playing rook & pit & we do player Settlers of Catan...don't know if that is the same you guys play but I think so :)

Kaysi said...

I love the honey do list, that is hilarious!!