Monday, June 21, 2010

A Conversation with Eclair.

Wow. What a day. Had the ENTIRE family over & made my world famous lasagne last Sunday for Father's Day. Lotsa kids. This is most of them, the ones who are related to me anyway. Thing Two is missing for some reason, probably hiding from me. You know how much he loves having his picture taken.

There were a few missing though. My brother and his family live back east, and although they come out every summer, they weren't here yet. Eclair has a favorite cousin in that family, and was asking about her on Sunday:

E: Mom, how come Splinter didn't come?

M: Splinter? Who is Splinter?

E: My favorite cousin. Remember? I call her Splinty?

M:?????? Who are you talking about?

E: Splinty! You know, my favorite cousin?

M: Is Splinter a boy or a girl?

E: A girl, Mom. She likes to play dress-up with me. And she has a brother, I think.

M: ????(asking Screamapillar) Do you know who she is talking about?

S: I have no idea.

E: You know mom, she lives far away? And she plays with me when they come here for vacation.


E: Oh, yeah! Spencer! and I call her Spency!!! When is she coming?

M: (FacePalm) In a few weeks. Can you wait that long?

E: If I have to, I guess.

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