Friday, June 11, 2010

Mission Control

Here's some more "before and after" for ya:

This is Mission Control for our house.
because we just aren't normal people, we need a bigger calender to cram our many activities into. The rule is, "If it's not on the calendar, it doesn't exist & nobody goes."
Bell schedule
for the high school (so I can text them between classes and/or know if they are in class while texting me so I can text back "don't *&^%$#@ text me while you're in class").
HS Soccer schedule
so I know where the heck I am going this week to yell my head off cheering a game that after seven years I still know nothing about (Go my favorite sports team, go! Score another goal basket unit!).
Elementary schedule
because those people just take the most freaking random days off and you never know until it's too late to plan something fun that: the little ones are going to be home today......
Phone list and an assortment of notes with random phone numbers written by small children that might reach the Dali Llama or Barry Manilow.
I would like to hang nicely someday, but they are here on random nails so they won't get broken.

Guess what? School is out so I threw away all the schedules (liberation!). Here's the new and improved Mission Control:

Still has Barry Manilow's phone number, though, in case Eclair wants to go over there to play.

Here's the part that may need some more explaining. As part of the new "anti-boredom summer device" I have created a detailed list of what has to be done before the job is complete. Why, yes, I am an OCD Type A Control Freak, why do you ask?
Yes, the downstairs bathroom is a dungeon. Only Thing Two is brave enough to use it. Desperately needs a makeover, but not until I have an extra $2000 kicking around.

These are actual photos of my actual house. In it's natural state (which in scientific terms would be called "a big heinous mess"). Just trying to keep it real here, folks, it's nothin' you ain't already seen.

Did you notice the giant trash can in the dining room? Yeah, the one with wheels on. I love this trash can. It's like the Energizer Bunny: it just keeps going and going. I can throw away all the crap left behind by children all day long. It doesn't fill up too fast, and I can keep throwing things away for hours. Take it everywhere with me when I'm cleaning. I even got a whole doll house in there once (don't tell Eclair, she thinks the dog ate it). Did I mention that I love this trash can? It's my bestest friend in the whole world.

Man, I need to get out more if the trash can is my best friend....


Ellie said...

So funny! Can't wait till my little moochers are old enough to put to work!

Jenny said...

Oh, I have used the industrial trash can for cleaning up (i.e. purging) the kids' stuff. Exactly so.