Thursday, June 17, 2010

Middle Daughter's name change

Each of the childern (yes, childern. not a typo) has a unique nickname. Most were acquired in toddlerhood, some at birth. Some before birth.

Thing One and Thing Two are obvious to the Seuss lover. They even have matching Cat in the Hat Christmas ornaments in honor of their nicknames. Thing One has also been know as "Little Bird" and "Kenya." She has the unique honor of having a nickname bestowed upon her by Hugh Nibley, who could never remember her real name. He would see us at church on Sunday and ask "And how is little Grover today?" To give him credit, he had much more important things to remember, and he remembered my husband's name, which was far more important because Dr. Nibley was Hubby's boss.

Thing Two has also been known affectionately known as "Bonehead" and "Quit touching me!" At least, that is what I hear from the other childern when he is about. We call him "Joe Cool" sometimes, the whole sax playing Snoopy inspiring that nickname.

Luke Skywalker has a few alternate names over the years. He was "lemon head" for a very brief period, specifically when he tried to be born during a Jazz playoff game in May of 1997 (yes, we did beat the Bulls during that game) when he wasn't due until November -- something about his head being the size of a lemon in the ultrasound. He has also been "Gator" because of how often he bit people when he was small. His current name suits him well because of his long-lasting obsession with Lego Star Wars, and anything to do with Star Wars.

Eclair is the beloved baby of the family, and that nickname obviously is a play on her real name. While I was pregnant with her, I grew weary of people asking "What are you having?" and started answering "A kangaroo" so that stuck for a little while. After she was born, we called her "Evil Baby." It's okay if you use it right! Really! "Loookkieee the cutsie little eeevil baby!" and such. I LOVED calling her evil baby. Still do, sometimes. Fine. Whatever. Hate me if you will, just don't call DCFS.

And getting to the point. Middle Daughter has up until now been called Middle Daughter because she needs a dedicated post to explain her genuine nickname.

From the moment she exited my womb, she has been screaming.

Piercing, shrill screams that could peel the paint from the walls.

We called her "Dactyl Baby" at first. That developed into "Katherine the Vile" for one reason: wake her before her time and you would wish you were dead. She screamed because she was hungry. Because she was tired. Because someone looked at her funny. Because she was bored. Because the sun was shining (or not shining, depending on what she wanted at that moment).

And now she is 15.

And she still screams.

At her brothers. At her sisters. At the straightening iron (she is "cursed" with naturally curly hair). At me, even, sometimes.

Funny thing, she never screams here:

Here she is, playing her sport: War paint. People kicking her in the shins. Being shoved, smacked, stolen from, ATTACKED!!!! (Soccer girls are FIERCE!!!)

But she doesn't scream at them. Only at us.

Not fair.

You may have guessed her real nickname when I posted the Servitude Schedule. I give it to you now. Click it if you dare.


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