Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Things to do for SUMMER VACATION!!!

So, today is the official first day of summer. Friday doesn't count because the elementary school kids still had to go to school even though the high school ones didn't. And apparently, Memorial Day (yesterday) doesn't count because it was a holiday and there wouldn't have been school anyway.

So, here it is. My list of the top ten things we should do as a family for SUMMER VACATION!!!!!!

10. Boys: get caught up on all the scouting stuff.
9. Go camping
8. Take a trip, maybe to California to visit my sister.
7. Spend time working in the garden & grow some good stuff to eat.
6. Remodel the family room (an ongoing project to make a difficult space work).
5. Get the house clean!!!! Make some major donations to DI and downsize.
4. Spend more time serving others -- get out and do something in the community.
3. See more movies together (maybe at the theater and not always the Red Box).
2. Plan some great day trips & spend time with the whole family.
1. Go camping again (I love camping).

Alas, I doubt my top ten list will go far.

Behold the children's top ten list:

10. Play X-box & PlayStation.
9. Play on the computer all day.
8. Watch tv all day long in our pajamas striving to forget anything we learned in school last year.
7. Sleep in until the crack of noon.
6. Stay up late doing relatively nothing.
5. Play night games.
4. Eat in every room (even the off limits ones) and leave dirty dishes behind.
3. Do absolutely no chores whatsoever.
2. Lie around proclaiming our boredom to the world.
1. Stay up late (see #6) so we can sleep in (see #7).

Lofty goals, indeed.

Who will win?

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