Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I had that dream again.....

...you know the one. Where you dream that the house is somehow bigger. It has many variations (like the one where you open a door you have never noticed in the basement and find a whole other house), and usually manifests when the house is a mess and crammed to the gills with stuff we really don't need.

Last night I dreamed Hubby surprised me by purchasing a new HUGE house. There were so many rooms! A real dedicated dining room! A bedroom for everyone, no more sharing! A craft room for me and a study for Hubby! There were so many rooms that I started thinking "we should rent some of this out, we could never possibly use it all!"

I've thought that before, in real life.

When we moved to our present home of 2200sf with 4 bedrooms we were swimming in extra space. How could we possibly fill it up? The old house was 1400sf with 3 bedrooms, we had been living like sardines. The new house was so spacious!

And now it is not.

We have 5 couches. Two dining tables. Fifteen 6ft bookcases crammed with books. Four very large desks. And all the crap that comes with living with five kids aged 8-20. The second family room has been converted into a bedroom for poor Luke Skywalker whose differences with his older brother made sharing a room unbearable for both.

But, alas, the dream turned sour.

The new imaginary house was in far west Provo. It was next to a huge factory, with no close neighbors. There were lots of horrid problems, and Hubby kept saying "we can fix that!" I think he just wanted more room for his books.

Alas, I must continue to make do with a house that really, should fit us just fine.

Maybe if I have a yard sale........maybe we could fit again.

Eventually, though I want to live here.

I've been dreaming of living in that house since I was seven years old (except mine had furniture and lots of FABULOUS clothing, and I was the 1973 Miss America Barbie).

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