Sunday, July 11, 2010

An explanation for at least ONE of those pictures in my header.

Last fall Eclair was baptized. Big deal for a little LDS gril. For the occasion, Mommy did a little photo shoot with my little angel. Late afternoon, perfect golden sunlight. Here's how it went:

(Threw that last one in because she was looking a little too uncharacteristically perfect.)

After this wonderful session, we went home. And Eclair said she was STARVING.

Before I could get dinner finished, I turned around from the stove to find this:

That is one of the bread bowls that I bought to put the corn chowder in. She cut it in half and added mayo and almost a pound of ham. She ate the whole thing, much to the amazement of all who witnessed it.

"I told you I was starving!"


Aubrey said...

I love these pictures of Claire. She's beautiful.

Steverino said...

You have to respect a young lady who knows what she wants.