Friday, July 30, 2010

A few amusing vacation photos

I have to post these today, before Screamapillar comes home from camp. When she sees this, she will kill me.

Really and truly.

Because she's almost 16 (there is no such thing as 15 to a teenage gril. She's either 14 or almost 16).

And the photo you are about to see is.....unflattering.

Wait! That's not her, that's Thing Two. Nice backside photo.

Oh, that wasn't it either. Stupid uploader.  But I think you might be starting to see the trend here. I stand around, not helping anyone, aiming a camera instead of lending a hand.....

YEAH! There it is! That's the one! Isn't she just beautiful in the morning? I love her.

She hates me.

As well she should.

1 comment:

Karen said...

In her defense, mother, that WAS the night we ALL slept in the car...really, nobody can be expected to look fresh after that one.