Monday, July 12, 2010

Rest in peace.

Remember this little guy?


I am sad.

Edgar is dead.

Shouldn't have named him Edgar.

But there is hope......two younger brothers have appeared.

I refuse to become emotionally attached.

The really sad part is that since Edgar turned orange in his death throes, Hubby came in to tell me, "Hey, come look at the really weird pumpkin!"

Rest in peace, Edgar.


courtneyb said...

did you check for beetles?

Amadeus Mozart said...

This is funny.

Amadeus Mozart said...

Crikey, am I signed in as Amadeus Mozart?? How do I fix that? I hate Google and Facebook and every site that makes me remember my password when I really don't care. I am tracked seven days a week, and my every keystroke is recorded, but the dang thing still can't tell when it's me typing and not WILLIAM?? Not to mention, the captcha window is insisting I type in "puslob" before it will let me post this. Does anyone else think we are really going backwards sometimes??