Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's My Birthday & I'll Blog if I Want To

Hubby has a dilemma.

It is my birthday this weekend, and he doesn't know what to get me.

I'm not helping.

I told him I just want to clean out the garage.

Really! There insn't anything I really want or need unless you count new carpet which ain't in the budget.

So I need some ideas, people. What do I want or need?

A massage? (I know a great one: Marcia at Massage Studio above my dentist's office -- she's amazing and she fixed my back last winter, big time)

A trip to Hobby Lobby?

Paint for my bedroom?

See, I don't want stuff, I want to DO stuff!

Like clean out the garage.

So if anyone has any ideas of some little thing for Hubby to get me that still leaves me money to buy paint for my room, leave a comment.


And yes, I will be 29.



1 comment:

Ellie said...

I love it! How about you go get a massage while HE cleans out the garage?! Right... Happy Birthday!