Thursday, February 9, 2012


I found a spot of mold this morning. On Eclair's toast. It was a tiny little spot, on the crust at the top corner. As we were short on time, I just tore that entire side off that piece of toast, closely inspected both slices to be sure there was none I had missed, and buttered it for my lovely daughter.

E: Are you sure that it's okay?

M: Yep. You won't be eating any mold. It wouldn't kill you, anyway. Actually, some medicines have originated from mold.

E: OH YEAH!! I read about that. There's a guy who regrows body parts with mold.

****loud gagging noise from across the room where daddy is choking on his toast, Thing One is standing by his side with her hand over her mouth, eyes incredulous.****

M: Really......where did you hear about that?

E: From school. My Read 180 tells about it. There's this guy, and he's a doctor. And he makes new body parts for people who don't have any.

Holy crap, she's right: 

(But I didn't hear anything about using mold to do this.)

Amazing, truly amazing.

So, should I save the piece of moldy toast?

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