Friday, March 9, 2012

The shampoo that lasts forever.....

I bought a bottle of shampoo at the grocery store over a year ago. A lovely fragrance, too. Strawberries and cream. I didn't bother to pop the top and take a sniff before I bought it, because really, how could strawberries be anything  but wonderful?

It was super cheap, only 88 cents! There's still plenty of it left, a year later, despite the fact that it is only a 15 oz. bottle. Normally, a 15 oz. bottle would last about 15 days in this large household, but this shampoo is VERY SPECIAL.

Because when you put it in your hair, suddenly (with your eyes shut, because you are shampooing your hair, right?) you are wondering if perhaps someone has put THIS in the bottle instead:

Seriously. It's the identical fragrance. Cloyingly sweet and syrupy. Industrial strength strawberry.

No one seems to like it. After the initial use, each person rejected it outright. If there were no other shampoo options available, they would use the bar soap instead of this stuff. Like dwarf bread, this shampoo would last forever.

I finally bit the bullet. I'm a cheapskate, and it needs to be used instead of thrown out. I'll make the sacrifice and shampoo with the syrup. There's nothing wrong with it, really, it cleans my hair just fine.

I'm just worried that after a week's exclusive use, my hair might be developing diabetes.



Jokae said...

laughing like crazy! Thank you!

Jokae said...

Laughing Out Loud!!! Thank you so much!