Friday, March 23, 2012

musical selections for your enjoyment

We're a musical family. All of us are big into music. The girls all sing in choirs and play piano. The boys play instruments like sax and clarinet. Even Hubby and I have put in a fair amount of time in choirs, aside from Hubby's recordings in high school and college.

Where we differ shows up primarily when we get in the car.

Sadly, my first choice these days is this:
I just need my news, traffic and weather to confirm my belief that driving is evil and should be avoided (even when KSL tells me traffic is fine....which it never is).

When driving Screamapillar to soccer practice Thursday, IMMEDIATELY upon entering the car, she changes my news radio before she has even closed the door or put on her seat belt:

Thing Two has finally gotten his driver's license. When he's driving, he has to listen to this:

I find it depressing. Who wants to listen to a song about dying all the time, anyway?

Luke Skywalker is just along for the ride. He seldom makes demands. But if allowed to choose, he's right on par with me. His selection would be:

Last week, Thing One borrowed my car to drive to Chorale practice. The next morning, when I started the car, I was greeted by this:

Much too often, Eclair misses the bus and needs a ride to school. And she always beats me to the car, just so she can put in her choice of cd before I get there. Here is what she selected for me day before yesterday:

Yeah. I was kinda surprised, too. I forgot we even had this.

But, all things considered, their choices are okay. I like a little bit of everything, and I'm the one who influenced their music choices early in their lives by playing everything from Oingo Boingo to Luciano Pavarotti and Broadway musicals to George Strait.

I can only be grateful that they have not inherited their father's taste in music. Here's what I heard from the cd player after he drove the van last week:


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