Sunday, June 30, 2013

Conversations with Eclair - Garbage Rustlers

It was 104 degrees out today. Hubby mowed the lawns and then insisted that he would surely perish if we did not go to get snow cones.

So of course, we did. Conveniently enough, Screamapillar works at a snow cone shack, so we visited her and left a little cooler and content.

On the way home, Hubby and I were talking about a problem at work.

Me: We've been getting lots of complaints about missing garbage cans recently up in the Indian Hills area.

Hubby: Seriously? Who would steal a trash can?

Me: Well, we'll send someone out from sanitation to look for the missing cans, and they usually find them downhill from their original location, with scuff marks down the backs. Prolly teenagers joyriding on the cans.

Eclair pipes up from the backseat: So they get in the trashcan and go downhill?

Me: Maybe. Or they ride on the side of the can or something.

Eclair: That would be really gross to be in a garbage can.

Me: Yeah. Pretty gross.

Eclair: That's kinda like what they do at Carls Jr. The big kids use the trays to go down the slide. They prolly shouldn't do that.......(long pause)....... but I only did it once.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Only once?

Eclair: But I won't do it again. 'Cause it's not really a good idea.

Me: Better than stealing a trash can, anyway.

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