Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digital Photography

I really have made the transition from film to digital grudgingly, kicking and screaming all the way. The whole "molcules vs. pixels" argument is still a hot one for me. I miss film. It was a wonderful, subtle thing. But the ability to "shoot away," eternally flexible ASA and the ease with which things can be edited appears to have won out.

For example, when you have "undesirable" object in your background.

El Guapo was concerned about the riff raff hanging about in the background. I assured him I could make them disappear. I didn't realize how easy that would actually be.

See those big old feet in the white tennis shoes over there?

They belong to him:
Thing Two, Moving Day!
Why, yes! That is my son, Thing Two. He was hanging about at a local park (the furthest one from our house in the city) with a GIRL! A very nice girl, who he has been attempting to hide from us. We like her, as best we can when he has been doing his level best to keep the girl from meeting us... so he ran away as soon as he realized that we were there taking photos (after I kicked him in those big white skis he's got).

What? Are we too weird or something? Are we SO bizarre that he is afraid she will run away if she spends any amount of time with us?

Okay, so we are.

You gotta problem with that?

Prolly not since you haven't clicked "next blog" yet...