Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A vocabulary lesson.

Eclair is a little person in a house full of almost grown-ups. And she wants SO badly to be a big person. She doesn't want to go to bed if everyone else is up - thinks it is SO unfair that she has to go to bed at 8:30 when the 21 year old sister she shares a room with doesn't even start thinking about bed before eleven p.m. She "borrows" that same sister's clothing from time to time, even though things don't quite fit...

So, she looks for ways to be bigger, and it mostly shows up in her vocabulary. She wants to use the big words, mostly with hilarious results like these:

"I know I should-haven't, but I just couldn't help it!"

"Where is that book I like? The one about the callerpitter?"

"Victor says I'm stupid, but that's just preposterous." (that one just made me laugh because she used it RIGHT!)

"I can't belive Muffin was eating that! It was as-gusting."

"Well, it was giving me problems, but I just dealed with it."


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