Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mad dash: two

Ready to try another ornament? Also inspired by Pinterest?


How about something WONDERFUL and SHINY and HARRY-POTTER-ISH?

Like a golden snitch.


Ornament ball
Wing shaped pattern cut out of the envelope that Thing One's passport arrived in last week
Sparkly fun foam in GOLD (99 cents at Hobby Lobby!)
Warm melt glue gun*

*warm melt, because last time I used a hot melt gun there was lots of swearing and excessive use of aloe vera ointment.

Otay - trace around your pattern and cut out two wings from the foam. Unless you have some kind of mutation in mind for your snitch, then cut as many wings as you like, I suppose.

Glue wings at the top of the bulb near the hanger.


So, Snitch!!! or maybe batman on his way to a fancy dress ball? No, snitch.


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