Friday, April 13, 2012

And It Came to Pass....

So as we've mentioned before, our entire family is comprised of nerds. And we've unintentionally developed this fun little habit called "The Book of (Our Last Name)." The basic idea is that we narrate our family adventures in scripture verse formatting. It most frequently happens when one member of the family ventures out on their own, or if we are telling someone about our adventures. Daddy did it when he went to Mexico, and I've done it a few times on choir tour.

Screamapillar recently went on her own choir tour. Here is her contribution to the Book.

1 And on the third day, it came to pass that the choirs went to prison, and they perished not for the jail was called Alcatraz, and the people did rejoice in it.

2 And it also came to pass that the choir was segregated and passed on to the pier, and ate much food, and their bellies were full, and they did rejoice.

3 And it came to pass that the choirs were separated again. And [Screamapillar] did go to the aquarium, yea, into the belly of the ocean, and did see many fish. And when they emerged from the waters , they did touch the fin of a stingray, and the back of a shark.

4 It then came to pass that they traveled to Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum, and there were many speculations, and [Screamapillar] did buy many keychains.

5. And it then came to pass that the choirs came together in much rejoicing, for they were commanded to board the cruise. And upon the boat they did eat much food. And they did see many marvelous sights.

6 And they did travel again to the hotel Embassy Suites and there was much rejoicing. And the choirs did gather together in the rooms and did to hair and there was little sleep in room 217, for the Spirit was strong.

7 And they did awaken with tired eyes, and on the fourth day they did go downstairs to fill their bellies once more. And they ate much meat from beasts and many roots  and they did travel again until San Jose and they sang unto the Lord.

8 And they did travel again and there was much rejoicing for they had arrived at 6 Flags. But alas their rejoicing was cut short for they had to perform.

9 And after their performance they recieved their freedom to adventure out to 6 Flags, and at the hour of 1 PM they did fill their bellies again, and there was much rejoicing.

10 And they did play British Bulldog and Anna did sprain her ankle, and there was much sorrow in the land.

11 And the people did venture again into the land of 6 Flags.

12 And it came to pass that the leader of the people of room 217 did grow faint and was ridden with many ills. And she did return to her family, and a new leader was called for the people, and her name was Wiser.

13 And the choirs did return to their hotel, and all the females could not enter their rooms, for the keys had been removed of their enchantments.

14 And the women did cry unto their leaders, saying "Wherefor shall we go, fo we have no bed to rest upon?" And wherefore their leaders were wise and said unto them, "Have faith, and we shall be delivered."

15 And the people were patient and did play many games. And soon, a great miracle came to pass, and the people were delivered from their bondage. And the people did rejoice.

16 And on the fifth day, it came to pass that they did awaken early, and their was much reoicing, for the day was called Easter, a day of celebration.

17 And the people of room 217 did find many colored spheres scattered throughout the land. And they did gather them together and count them.

18 And when all the spheres had been collected, they did once again fill their bellies with the roots of the earth and the meat of beasts, and they did gather their belongings and venture again into the world.

19 And the leaders of the people loved them, in as much so that they had crafted baskets of sweets and they did eat the contents wherein, and did witness many movies.

20 And they did go up into the mountain, and began to grow weary, for their bodies had become faint for lack of food.

21 And the leaders did witness to the people that they must travel to a town called Reno, and they would receive food.

22 And it came to pass the the choirs did return to the promised land, after much journeying. And there was much rejoicing.

So all in all, Screamapillar had quite the adventure and did return to her family in one piece.

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