Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

My computer is still DEAD. Jack E. is still working on it when she has a few minutes to spare, she doesn't offer a lot of hope. Hopefully I will at least be able to get all the photos off (you know, the ones I should have been backing up for the last six months as she advised me? yeah, those photos.)

But I had to post today because it's a biggie I cannot miss.

Two weeks ago we were able to attend the temple in Los Angeles for El Guapo & Felicity's wedding.

Same room, same temple, almost the same family in attendance as when Hubby and I were married there 23 years ago.

 1988 was when wedding fashion was at its greatest heights. Literally. Take a second look at the height of my veil if you doubt me...

Love you, Hubby. You're the greatest.

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