Friday, June 17, 2011

MAWR 2011 Chapter Two

You might want to go back to the previous post if you missed it,
sign in at the guest book and read my lovely poem.

Or not.

Or you could just proceed with me to the "photo booth" to have your picture taken
by my lovely neice, Victorius:

Hello, Victorius! She is a college student and aspiring photographer. And in the pink there is Thing One who just had her hair done. Isn't she lovely? In the blue is my other sister, Peggle.

So sit right down in the white lawn chair, and choose a prop:


has lived under my piano for about ten years. I never quite knew what to do with it.
It was waiting for a mission.

This is from the late seventies, I believe. The avocado green paint and white linen liner give it away. I think I made it look a tab bit better, with only some aqua spray paint and a little antiquing:

This is a low budget "photo booth" but still a lot of fun, as demonstrated by the following participants:

Thing Two and Luke Skywalker

Thing One, Screamapillar and Eclair

And El Guapo

After you've had your picture taken, you should mosey on over to take a look at the fantastical cake table. Once again, all flower creations were made by the talented sister of the groom (SAS Floral!).

So here's the fantastical cake table:

I don't know about you, but I LOVE the chandelier.

Like I said, The Diva has style. This is awesome.

Next time: Are you hungry?

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Brittanie said...

YOU ARE AWESOME. seriously. awesome. GREAT photos. They are so crisp and bright! LOVED your poem and hilariousity, as usual!