Monday, June 20, 2011

Technical difficulties

I'm behind on posting the next installment of MAWR 2011 because my computer has
Stone cold, blue screened

I think I'm going to cry.

All I have to share with you today is a story. About my darlingest loveliest vivacious angel boy, Thing Two. He has never bothered to get a drivers license, primarily because he's an exceptional tightwad. He doesn't want to pay for insurance or to repair a car.
You see, he knows how much it actually costs. And he'd rather spend his money elsewhere ***cough - XBOX LIVE***

For many years he has used his feet and legs to get where he wants: he LOVES cycling. When he moved into the bachelor pad across town, he moved significantly further away from his place of employment. Previously, his bike would have him to work in about two minutes, or he could walk it in about seven.

Now it's more like half an hour on the bike, approximately forever on foot. So he's obviously taking the bike. And since he works at the movie theatre, sometimes he's biking home in the extreme darkness that is one a.m....

But I'm his mother and it's my job to worry, so I came up with an ingenious plan to ensure his safety!

He needs a new, brightly colored bike that ignorant sleepy motorists can see in the dark. Found: bright YELLOW Mongoose bike with reflectors.

He should have lots of lights on his bike, good bright LED ones... Red flashing wheel lights, headlight and tail light. Found them purchase them put them on the bike. It's only slightly obnoxious.

He needs one of those neon colored reflective vests that crossing guards and meter readers wear.....

and maybe something else to ensure we catch their attention:

It's kept him safe so far....

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