Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Most Awesome Wedding Reception of 2011. Seriously. And Pinterest.

Okay, I've been back from California for all of three days now and my sister has been endlessly pestering me to get the pictures finished. Holy Crap. Could I maybe buy some milk first? or get a full night's sleep for the first time in about 2 months now that the wedding is done?


I must post photos.


The. Most. Awesome. Wedding. Reception. of. 2011.

Are you ready? For lots and lots and lots of pictures?

You see, this was more than a wedding. It is a physical manifestation of my sister's deep and abiding passion for Pinterest. If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, run away now. Really. Because once you enter, there is no way to rip yourself away. She made me take all these photos for Pinterest before I took even one picture of the family. So you can see how this would be a dangerous addiction.

Something you should know about my sister (hereafter know as Diva), is that she has an incredible amount of style. She knows how to make something that looks good look amazing instead, and she can work miracles on a shoestring budget.

Why hello, Diva. Thank you for showing us your hairy legs. The gentleman next to her is NOT her husband, that is my other BIL, Fireman. He's an amiable sort, smiles even when everything around him is insane.

I now present for your viewing enjoyment, M(ost) A(wesome) W(edding) R(eception) 2011, Installment One: The Entry and Guestbook:

Oh, dear. Diva? Did you notice someone wrote on your mirror in lipstick? You meant to do that? Okay. Nevermind. 

Love these signs.

Lovely original artwork by my very talented BIL (Diva's husband). He gives one to everyone that gets married in the LA temple. Except us. We never got one because he hates us. Or maybe because we got married before he knew us. I choose to think that he hates us.

Diva picked up this amazing door somewhere, it was fantastic. Old rusty hardware, and the perfect weathered look without looking like it was a piece of junk they found under a pier somewhere.

Diva got the knobs at Anthro, and the Athen's Girls (two lovely ladies from Athens of all places, whom El Guapo met on his mission) artfully attached all these fun photos. 

Here's the guest book table, which formerly resided in Diva's entry. 

I should tell you now that ALL of the Wonderful and Beautiful flowers were done by my talented niece (sister of El Guapo and mother of Gabbie and Pedro). She can be found here at SAS Floral.

Seated at this bench:

(which I sewed a cover for at 1am the night before), you would have this view of the guestbook table, in all it's glory:

Now, I'm hoping you notice all the lovely details: Hurricane lantern, daisy ball made by lovely niece, fantastic photos taken by yours truly, finial on lower level, great guestbook by Shutterfly, willowy lamp.....hey! what the heck is that on the lamp? 

Whatever it is, it has inspired the following poem:

Ode to the Squidtastic Tassel

I cannot look away
because I can't quite figure out what you are
an escaped sea creature?
or merely a fanciful embellishment.
Perhaps we will never know.
But you are the right color
to fit in with the wedding decor.
And after all
Everyone knows
that is the most important thing of all.

Another look at this item in it's natural habitat:

And HELLO Athen's Girls! Thank you for all of your help, you were WONDERFUL!

One last photo, an overview of the entry, and an introduction to the next installment:

No. The next installment is not "Men who speak with their hands too much." It instead has something to do with niece Victorious (with the camera on the left) and those two peoples sittin' in the lawn chair there.

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Debbie said...

Hummm. Where to begin, where to begin??? Diva? Great photos! I even love the poem. You're so talented! xoxo