Monday, July 18, 2011

back in the swing of things...

The new computer has arrived and it is THIS fast:

Seriously. So I have been frantically making up for lost time and backing up all my stuffages that I failed to back up previously. I burned over 20 cds of photgraphs last night alone. Only 29,845 to go.

I have started a few blog posts for your enjoyment, and will be posting them shortly. Yes, we will be finishing the royal wedding posts, I promise.

And I thought I would share this, since I was so impressed with it when I discovered it while looking for the above image:

Your comments please: Would you or would you NOT love being seen in this car?
It is a Mercedes, btw.

I wonder if I make some alterations to the Honda mini-van's luggage rack to make this look my own...

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