Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MAWR Part Four: A bite to eat?

You must be COMPLETELY STARVING after waiting four weeks for this post! Did the candy table take the edge off your hunger at all?

As you can see, you will have a few beverages to choose from.

 Seriously? Cucumber Lemon Water? You're supposed to drink that? On purpose?

Yes. That's more like it. Strawberry lemonade.That's what I drank all evening. Fireman found himself at loose ends and spent then entire evening restocking those glasses and straws (when he wasn't dancin' with my sister anyway).

The bride and groom worked up a thirst on the dance floor (more on that, later!). Aawwww... aren't they cute?

So now that you know where to find a beverage, how about something to eat? I've been dying to tell you about the salad buffet.




Okay, my sister wants to kill me because I took this photo before they put in the awesome lables for each item. It looked great. What is interesting here is this awesome "dish."  Any guesses to what it was in it's past life before my sister compounded it's fantasicocity? (yes, that's a word. I know because I just made it up and was able to spell it so there.)


Once upon a time it was a scented candle display that no one wanted. My sister scrubbed the living daylights out of it, repainted it, and lined it with plastic wrap. And now it is a buffet (it has a twin also, so it won't be lonely in it's second life).

This was the awfullest buffet. People fled in droves:

Buncha crazy people, eatin' salad......WHEN THERE IS A PERFECTLY WONDERFUL CREPE BAR DUE SOUTH OF YOU!!!!!!!

With lovely flowers by my lovely neice...(shameless plug for SAS FLORAL!)

My absolute favoite thing about the above photo is that I have no idea whose legs those are. It's almost as if she were posing for me...

Umm.... scuse me a sec. I think I'm going to die if I don't eat a crepe with that chocolate hazlenut  sauce in the next twelve seconds.

I must say that this was pretty darn yummy. And quite easy as well. Everyone seemed to love it. Even my kids:

Don't forget the Nutella, daughter mine.

Next time: Shall we dance?

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