Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to your regulary scheduled post: MAWR part 3

Pretend with me that there has not been a very long and uncomfortable pause between posts. Pretend that you just barely finished reading about Diva's lovely wedding entry and cake table? Please? If you love me?


Because you were so nice to pretend with me I have some

Sorry, it's just virtual candy. You can look, but you will be disappointed if you try to eat it.

First you're going to need something to put it in:

It's just a silverware holder, but the awesome-ness is in the details, people! Silver twist ties! lovely little heart & pearl embellishment! My sister has some serious style. She makes everything beautiful.

 Yum. Pretzels. I love pretzels.

Again, with the awesome (hand made) embellisments:

( I must say that I saw my father eat no few than 8 gumballs over the course of the evening...)

 (got diabetes yet? if not, just keep scrolling)

WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE, WOMAN? I thought this was a wedding? You can't have a wedding without CHOCOLATE!

Oh, nevermind. There it is.

The candy table looked like a war zone by the end of the evening. Luke Skywalker was kind enough to "clean up" afterward.

A mother has never been so proud.

Next up: Drinks, everyone! and perhaps a snack?

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A random blog about stuff said...

Lol, Luke Skywalker is like, "Umm... I was going to give it to um... charity?" Haha. Good stuff. NEVER STOP POSTING!
-He Who Cannot Be Named