Friday, July 8, 2011

The birds and the bees, or dogs and flies, whichever.

Our little one, Eclair, is a little behind schedule with most things. We can easily blame that on PDDNOS.

Luke Skywalker has no excuse.

We were out working in the yard, and our lovely large dog was running about enjoying that the whole family had all come to visit her.  I could almost hear the gears turning in Eclair's head, so I was unsurprised when she asked me a question.

E: Mommy? I can't remember, but why can't Misty have any puppies? I would really like a puppy.

M: Well, there are a lot of homeless puppies. So we had her fixed.

E: What does that mean, fixed?

M: It means she had an operation, so she doesn't have any eggs.

E: Is that why Misty can't lay eggs?

I promplty died laughing.

Later that same day, Screamapillar nearly killed me again with this:

Luke Skywalker was in a rage against the flies of summer. They were bothering him bunches. He probably meant to say something like this: "Why do there have to be FLIES!"

but what he actually said was "How are there so many FLIES!"

to which the Screamapillar replied, "Well, when a Mommy fly and a Daddy fly really love each other..."

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