Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MAWR Part Five: Shall we dance?

I've never really considered a DJ to be a necessary expense at a wedding. Why not just make up a playlist and let it run? Assign the duty of keeping it running to the best man or that cousin who feels left out because he's not the best man or something. Nearly all the weddings I have been to have done pretty much just that.

I now see the error of my opinion.

A good  DJ gets the party started, keeps it rolling, and acts as a sort of "Master of Ceremonies." It's nice to have someone who knows how to hook up his own AV supplies (so the menfolk aren't forever fiddling with the electronics in hope of someday getting some music playing...). It's nice to have a mic for announcing such things as the cake cutting:

and the Bouquet toss:

and the garter removal....

and toss that devolved into fisticuffs:

But a DJ's true purpose is to encourage dancing. And Don Henry of Music, Memories and More

 (who happens to by Diva's BIL) was fantastic. Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me!
Everyone wanted to dance with the bride and groom. They only wanted to dance with each other.

Okay, you might want to look away and scroll down fast. Thing One and Thing Two are going to do the "Elaine Dance."

Eclaire managed to land ANOTHER boyfriend later in the evening. I belive they exchanged email addresses as neither is old enough to have a cell phone.

It's really just too bad that Felicity and El Guapo didn't manage to have any fun...

A very pleasant time was had by all. Anybody know a good DJ in MY area?

P.S. Something is up with Blogger: all my photos are pixelated and look like I'm some rank amatuer. Gotta find a solution to bring the standard back up...


A random blog about stuff said...

Eclaire landed ANOTHER boyfriend? What is it like 8 at once now?

Brittanie said...

Love the posts, love the flies and Misty laying eggs, love it all!