Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A trip to the mall....with Eclair

We went to the mall tonite, Eclair and I. I had a gift card from work (have I ever told you I love my job? I work with wonderful people, and for the most part it is great!) that was burning a hole in my pocket.

Off to the aromatic bath store to spend the card.

I think she said "OOoohh! Smell this, Mommy!" about six thousand times. And often the fragrances were repeats - first smell the bath gel, then the spritz, then the lotion -- all the same flavor, but each apparently unique to my little Eclair.

After I ran out of wrists (I only got the two, you know) I started sampling on my little one. She was more than happy to participate once I explained how some of the bottles (the ones with the special sticker) were samples for trying out, so we weren't shoplifting or anything...

She had a wonderful time, and even picked out a little fragrant hand sanitizer for her backpack. Then it was time to go get Daddy from work.

As soon as he was in the car, she started a travel-log of our evening's adventure, describing all the bottles and flavors and how WONDERFUL it all was. And then she asked daddy to smell her wrists, with the following instructions:

"Well, don't take a really big sniff -- like this (demonstrates with extremely loud snorting noise), because if you do, it smells REALLY BAD!!!

You should sniff very softly, like so you can't even hear the sniff. That way it smells okay."

So glad that we spent so much on perfume that just "smells okay."

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