Monday, August 15, 2011

A day that shall live in infamy...

On the day that Deuce was born (my last post, and he has been named and they ignored ALL my suggestions, if you can possibly believe that!), Eclair was left


Well, not really. Luke Skywalker was left in charge while I was called in to work on my day off because somebody had to go have a baby at the last minute, and Screamapillar had soccer practice, which for all intents and purposes left Eclair


It was a day of much boredom, apparently, because she got up to all kind of mischief. For example, she:

Cut up a banker's box (the expensive ones I acutally BUY instead of getting free from the liquor store) with a steak knife and colored every surface with crayons.

Ate seven frozen corndogs, and left her plate on the curb in front of the neighbor's house for me to discover as I pulled in to the driveway.

Using the sticks from the corndogs, she attempted to make paper stick puppets.

And when that did not end in the result she was seeking,


Because "big socks" like mommy's make better puppets.

School starts a week from today.

But I don't know if I'm going to make it.

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