Monday, January 16, 2012


How many of you have ever used a doorknob in your life?

Silly question. I'll rephrase.

How many of you have NOT used a doorknob before? On a door that's supposed to have one. Probably a few less.

Mom is in the midst of painting. She has been 'painting,' since before I left for Mexico with Boyfriend [who still needs a blog name]. Keep in mind...that was before Christmas. "GOSH MOM, YOU'VE BEEN PAINTING SINCE LAST YEAR!" Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Anywho. Mom's current painting project has been the doors. Because doors are grubby and not quite so white anymore. And because mom thinks we don't have enough newspaper, she's removed all the doorknobs from the doors.

The past few weeks have gone something akin to this.

Its absurd, really how much you can take something as simple as a doorknob for granted.

Ever tried to open a door like this?

Yes, the actual knob part goes on the INSIDE, but when you have to get in? Well that's a bit of a challenge now, isn't it? And even on the side with a knob...that's even MORE troubling. Try pulling open a door when the knob comes out in your hand. You get places really fast.

Despite our pleas, we only JUST got the doorknob back for the bathroom. Two bedrooms and a closet still have no knobs. Some of us have voiced our desires to Facebook, in hopes that mother might see them in between playing her myriad of farming/harvesting/I-Should-Have-Never-Introduced-Her-To-FB games.

Desperation has reached a peak. Eclair tried to solve the problem. This is her solution.

Yes, those are Q-Tips. And...I really think nothing more needs to be said on this matter.

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