Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Eclair came home from school last week with a mysterious envelope.

Inside the envelope was a letter and a Payless Shoes gift card. Her wonderful teacher had been given some extra "Quarters for Christmas" gift cards, and had chosen Eclair to recieve one.

Is this because the shoes she was wearing had been chewed on by the dog? Or because the other shoes she wears are hand-me-downs from her cousin that are too big? Never mind that they are too big, they belonged to her favorite cousin and that is the only reason she wears them. Never mind also that she has a lovely pair of pristine white tennis shoes with little discreet rhinestones on them that she NEVER wears (she doesn't want to get them dirty). And then, there are a dozen other pairs of shoes that are worn out and should be burned.

So we went shopping.

and tried on shoes. many many shoes.

Luke Skywalker went too. He needed shoes " 'cause the old ones are leaky"

Now here's what is funny about shoe shopping. Eclair tried on many shoes. Too-high heels, sandals, tennis shoes, clogs, shoes of every color and design.

Luke Skywalker tried on one pair of shoes. And they were identical to the leaky shoes. Then he was done. And sat and waited patiently until we were done shopping for girl shoes. He will make some shoe-loving woman very happy someday...

Ecalir showed great restraint and only bought two pairs of shoes (and only using half of her gift card -- more shoe shopping later!).

And everyone knows you can't leave the mall until you have been swallowed by a dinosaur.

And then we went home and burned a dozen shoes.

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