Monday, May 24, 2010

creepy crawlies

I found Eclair on the floor next to my bed this morning. Unfortunately, I find her there often. She wanders in her sleep, you never know where she will be found.

But this time she had a good reason.

M: Why were you asleep on my floor this morning?

E: I had a bad dream. I died.

M: You died? How did you die?

E: A giant spider got me and I died.

M: Wow. A giant spider. How big is a giant spider, like bigger than your hand?

E: No, I think it was a medium spider. It had one eye that was big and round, and the other wasn't. The other eye was oblong (didn't know she knew this word). But it bited me, and I died. And then I woke up so I could make sure I wasn't really dead. I wasn't.

M: You weren't dead?

E: Well, I'm talking to you so what do you think? (I love it when she talks like a teenager!)

And here, just for your enjoyment, is Eclair's picture of the spider:
If I'd seen one of these, I'd wake up to make sure I wasn't dead, too.

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Britny and Jeffers said...

Love it! I think she is soo smart!!