Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Well, my mother's day was a disaster. Made my own breakfast, everyone else slept in until 9:40. Only Eclair remembered it, she gave me some lovely homemade cards and a cookie. Daddy stayed home to clean the house after no one else would help (because we were having the WHOLE family over for dinner). Everyone else hates me.

There were a few high points: In church, all the men got up to sing a musical medly of Primary songs. There were only 5 copies of the music, which were shared by about 6 men each. Watching the dads in the congregation ask their wives "Should I go up? or would you rather I stay with you and the kids?" was great, as it was repeated no fewer than 10 times just in my line of sight. The loudest male singer in the ward (8 year old Max) was there with his dad (didn't want to share his copy of the music with anyone else) singing relatively on key at the top of his lungs. Tyler (dad of the year) was holding his youngest daughter while singing. When she dropped her binky, she started screaming and flailing about. When Tyler picked it up and tried to give it back to her she had a full-on meltdown and proceeded to assault her father and the sheet music he was also holding. Unable to calm her down (screaming and beating him over the head - you really had to be there, it was hilarious) he slipped quietly into the adjacent alcove while every man standing nearby tried to continue singing without laughing out loud. It was awesome.

Then, in Primary, Sister Peterson read "I'll Love You Forever" to all the Primary children sitting on the floor at the front of the room. The kids had lots of questions about the story: Why won't she let the boy just sleep? How can she hold him, he's a big boy; a teenager; a dad? Why does she have a ladder, is she going on the roof? The best part was when I looked behind me, and all the other teachers were sitting there with tears running down their faces. The kids didn't get it at all, but the moms sure did!

Dinner was great, I made my from-scratch lasagne (three of them!), my mom made this amazing Jello salad that had odd ingredients but was - amazing. My neice made wonderful french bread, and my sister made delicious Texas sheet cake. I ate WAY too much.

The moral of the story is: I may be a good daughter, sister, aunt and wife, but apparently I'm a terrible mother.

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Aubrey said...

LOL. Seriously. I wish I could of been in that sacrament meeting. I was spoiled this Mother's Day. But I think I earned it because Trent had been gone for the whole week before that. And they have been so naughty today that I am staying up way too late reading blogs just to hear the quiet.