Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little trip to the thrift store.

I love to thrift shop. Seems like everybody does. It's all I see in the blogiverse. People thrift shopping and finding the MOST AMAZING STUFF. Name brands. Designer clothes. Antique treasures.

I thought perhaps that I would share with you a few recent finds I discovered while waiting for Screamapillar to try on clothes (because apparently 4328 shirts is not enough). I apologize in advance for the inferior quality of the photos -- I was using my cell phone. If I had known I would find such incredible things, I would have brought the DSLR.

Let's start with this lovely couple. Aren't they priceless? Actually, they'll cost you a pretty penny since they are so unique and collectible. And they are bookends, so they are actually quite useful as well. $7.99 anyone?

I'm afraid I must pass. Wouldn't want the children having nighmares with these two "angels" staring blankly into space...at nothing....but thinking...."as soon as the child closes her eyes, WE ATTACK!!!"

And this lovely piece of ......objet d'art....Cowboy boot with broken spur....Cactus on a field of amarillo emblazoned with what appear to be Christmas lights.....could it possibly be?


Ever wonder what is would look like if you could spin unicorn barf into yarn?

Yes. This atrocity would be the result. Hurry now, hurry to the next photo....

This, this I almost considered laying out some cash for. BECAUSE IT IS MORE TRUE THAN ANY OTHER HOKEY SIGN I SAW. And I saw MANY.

A truer statement was never uttered. Or lovingly hand painted onto a piece of scrap
and then donated to a thrift store.

OOOOOoooooo! SHINY!!!!!

But does that color really go with ANYTHING?
I think not. Pass again.

What about this little PETA nightmare? LOOKS WARM!!!

I think I have pictures of my brother-in-law wearing such a fashion statement in 1972. 
Are you glad also that it is no longer 1972?

Look at the lovely selection of lamps from 1492! The big green one on the left? We had that one when I was a kid. Two of 'em actually, and they went to a thrift store JUST LIKE THIS ONE many years ago.
The big ugly one on the right? Look for it soon on some insane lady's blog after she "finds" it and spraypaints it makes it into a .....I don't know! I can't think like those uber-crafty people! Okay, a funeral urn!

Well.... Um.....This......

I'm sorry, I have no words.
(does anyone know what happened to this poor lady's face?)

This is truly priceless. But the photo really doesn't do it justice.

Demon laser-eyed baby on a plate. Can't leave without this one!

But I must share with you the best item of all. The one I paid money for and brought home with me. The Unusual  Priceless Vintage Collectible   Antique  item that I will never be so lucky to find again! It's truly one of a kind!

And here is Thing One to model this spectacular find for your enjoyment.

And now she can never show her face in public again.

The End.


Michelle said...

hahahahahah! I'm laughing my butt off here! Sweet finds Julie.....sweet finds!

Steverino said...

The concept of unicorn barf spun into yarn. . . it will stay with me forever.

Dee said...

I love that you switched it up and went with the crap view of the thrift store. I try to ignore that and the stinky man that follows me around. And Thing One is my new hero for putting on the superfabulous Sauna Pants! PS Raggedy Ann and Andy are now going to give me nightmares. Yes I'm 42 going on 8.

the thrifty ba said...

i could tell right away you were at savers! i love the pants-such a fashion statement!

Kate @ Chic on a Shoestring Decorating said...

Finally I found someone that has a crappier Goodwill than me! I never find anything good there to re-make and always feel like I need a shower when I come out. I'm not anti-thrift shop... just have a really junky goodwill store in my town.

Those pants made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

And, thanks for linking my Flaunt it Friday party... come back soon! :)