Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sometimes I'm stupid.

Sometimes I do stupid stuff.  Or say stupid stuff.  And then I feel stupid.

I then I remember that I'm not the only stupid person out there.

Sometimes people are even stupider than me. Hard to believe, but yes, it is so.

I answer the phone for a living. I have done this for many years in many capacities. For WordPerfect, I did tech support. I could rewrite your config.sys and make your computer fly like the wind. For American Express, I made angry people happy, giving them free Delta miles or Membership Rewards points or even cash (people really like cash). For Provo City, I explain that no, you didn't pay your bill and that's why your power is off. For other companies I estimated your printing costs, arranged for your Bernoulli box to be delivered, etc., etc., etc.

As for feeling stupid, at least I'm not completely dim. While working for AMEX I overheard another agent explaining one of the card benefits -- Purchase Protection -- covers an item for 90 days against accidental damage, loss or theft, with this exception explained by my co-worker:

"It doesn't cover perishable items....like a dog."

Okay, that's not a dog, it's a chicken. Specifically Orange Chicken. Yes, we name our pets after food. But under the rationale that dogs are perishable, chickens must therefore also be. Perishable, that is. Okay, I couldn't find the cute picture of our dog, so you get the chicken. Learn to live with the disappointment okay? Just another example of how I can be stupid. But I must say in my defense that if you asked me for a list of perishable items, I WOULD NOT MENTION DOGS.



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Wow. I guess I need to think more broadly. Dogs definitely can be spoiled.