Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hubby had a birthday...

And I cheated. I do that. A lot.

I bought the cake at Costco. Thank you, Costco bakery, for making life easier.

Why yes, you did read that right: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS

Am I mean, or what?

Actually, I'm truly evil.

This was the cake for the summer birthday's party. Note: Two girls, LOTS of boys. I love how Thing Two in incapable of keeping his eyes open when a flash is deployed.

My husband asked for pie instead. My brother too. And my son.


My wonderful nephews just ate cake and said thank you.Oh, that's right. They have overbearing control freak sisters, so they knew better than the men how to keep a low profile and not make waves. Good boys.

Happy summer birthdays to ME, Hubby, Thing Two, Eclair, my little bro and an assortment of nephews.

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