Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have had an obsession of sorts with a particular website. It has amazing recipes and photography also. We made fries last night from this website, fries that don't involve standing over the deep fryer for 40 minutes producing small batches because, yes, we are not McDonalds and have a small home fryer. Trying to make fries for seven people is quite a production. I refuse to do it because it's tedious. That is my husband's job. It's really the only thing he cooks that doesn't involve a barbeque grill. His specialty, you might say.

So, I'm relieving him of duty, and using this recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks.

After he ate these fries (which the children loved, and I loved because it took NO time to prepare!) he said he likes his fried fries better than baked ones. I mentioned the calorie savings from baking instead of frying, and he has given in.

Give them a try, they are wonderful. And easy to prepare in incredibly large amounts.

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