Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A lot of the crafting blogs I read do a lot of "Repurposing." Taking something you already have around the house, and using it to make something new. I'm all for that. It means spending less money at the craft store, and I have TONS of crafting stuff I have acquired over the years.

I was looking at the lovely plastic cottage cheese container that sits on my desk holding all my pens and pencils and anything else cylindrical that will ruin walls when Eclair gets the urge, and thought I could make something better and more attractive. So I hunted up a bunch of pretty things to make something new and exciting.

Here's the list of materials I used:

Empty vegetable can, washed (didn't remove label, made it easier to glue things to the can)
Velvet fabric scrap
Extra trim from a headband
An assortment of attractive feathers
Googly eyes (a must for any craft project, really)
Hot glue !

After gluing the fabric to the label, I pushed the feathers into the fabric from the top. Then I glued the trim around the bottom of the can, and glued the eyes on.


Can you tell I was inspired by our recent trip to the zoo?

I found peacock feathers in my enormous "Box O' Feathers" and used those as my main inspiration. Then I found that cute little scarecrow, and thought "he could be the zookeeper!" Isn't it amazing? This will really liven up my desk.

What do you think? I'll bet you want one just like it. Lets take another look at it.

Or not.

It is actually quite hideous. And should be burned.

Disregard anything you have seen above, and lets start over.

We'll still use the can, cause it's there, and it's free.

Then we go to The Graphics Fairy and look for some amazing art. Print the art the same height as the can, then go to town with some modge podge.
Isn't that better? There, sitting on top of the "Enormous Box O' Feathers" is a much better, simpler, less hideous craft. Even I can do this one, and I have no crafting skills.

Eclair asked if I wanted "the pretty one" or if she could have it? It's somthing only a developmentally delayed eight-year-old could love. Hey, we all gotta find love somewhere, right? I don't get to burn it after all. The boys will be so disappointed.


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Aubrey said...

For a moment I was thinking...well Julie does have a great sense of fun...but, really? Got a laugh out of this one.