Friday, April 9, 2010

To quote Inigo Montoya, "Humiliations Galore"

Thing Two wanted to ask a gril to Prom. He lacks dating expertise, so after two weeks of dilly-dallying over how this would be accomplished, he asked the females of the household for assistance. This is what transpired:

Twelve balloons were prepared, with notes in each. Eleven notes read "see other balloon" and the last had a moderately clever poem asking said gril to the Prom. Here's where it all goes nuts.

Luke Skywalker and his friend,Other Matt, volunteered to deliver the message. They dressed up in costumes left over from last week's production of "Midsummer Night's Dream" performed at Luke Skywalker's school. They spent a few moments rehearsing, and then we drove to the gril's house.

Thing Two wasn't sure what to expect as we watched the delivery unfold from the safety of the car. Other Matt approached the door, rang the bell, and almost was rejected outright because we saw the mother peering out the glass pane at the top of the door, missing Other Matt completely due to his shortness. Finally, the door is opened, and Other Matt declaims with a badly executed English accent "Is the Mistress Emilee at home?", "Ya, that's me", "BEHOLD the messenger." He then bows low and scoots backward. Luke Skywalker appears, holding the balloon bouquet, gives it to dumbfounded gril. The cry out in unison, "SEEK THE HIDDEN MESSAGE" and run away. Thing Two is sitting next to me, shaking his head. "Did you see that? Did he really bow?" I was just glad we had the window down so we could hear the whole thing.

When they returned to the car, Luke Skywalker said to his brother, "I hope that was sufficiently embarrassing for you." His brother declined to answer.

Thing Two received his answer from the gril tonight. A video made after sucking the helium from the balloons. She said yes, in a very high pitched squeaky voice. Looks like she'll fit right in with the bunch of raving lunatics around here.

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