Friday, April 9, 2010

The wildest animal rode home in the car with me...

Spring break. Went to the zoo. Too bad she's not excited at all. The reason for this face is snakes. She really likes snakes. When we reached this exhibit near the end, she had been asking for nearly two hours, "Where are the snakes?"

So you will fully understand her fearlessness, I post this photo from last summer:

Here's some other fun stuff we did:
(Hey, pretty good photos considering I'm shooting through chain link and dirty glass)

Those prarie dogs really startled her. I laughed out loud. She popped her head out to see me, then saw that prarie dog right next to her and yelped. It was great. She came back again, a little braver this time, and then tried to play with them through the plexiglass.

Notice how the mouth is hanging open in every picture? That pretty much sums up the whole day. Chatter chatter chatter: Mommy, what is the giraffe eating, and why is his tongue blue? Which one is the mommy? Why did the zebras die? How much does a baby elephant eat? Can I pet it? Why is there poo everywhere in there? Ooooo! Is that one the baby? Are we going into another stinky zone? Is that more poo? Don't the penguins like it when it is cold outside? Why are the bears gone? Can you make that animal come down out of the tree so I can talk to her? Do I like bats? What would happen if I fell in there? How does that alligator sleep with his mouth wide open like that? Are those the same lions -- No -- I know they are tigers -- from "Two Brothers" and can I pet them? Why does that girl keep screaming? Does the train ever run over the animals? and Where are the snakes, where are the snakes, where are the snakes, where are the snakes?

The best questions were about the peafowl. We first encountered a peacock, bright blue and beautiful. Lovely tail feathers "just like on Curious George." She says "Is that one a girl?" and I have to explain to her how the most colorful birds are always male, they have to look pretty to attract a female. "The girls are really pretty colorless, not pretty at all."
To which she replies, slowly and sadly, "OOhh! Poor things!"

At the end of the day, she didn't even ask to go to the gift shop, all she wanted was this:

And there was much happiness.

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Aubrey said...

so cute! Glad you all had fun.