Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11

It's Veteran's Day. A day where we should express our appreciation to the many brave men and women who serve our country. Many. Past, present and future. Their willingness to serve allows us to live our peaceful little lives.

So, if you see a vet, or an active duty soldier, or anyone who might fall into that category, give 'em a high five today. You owe them. Big time.

I have family members who have served in every branch of the military, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. And since my scanner is on strike, I can only share a few here.

Thanks, Dad! 

Thanks Doran! 

Thanks Carl!

And thank you Uncle Buddy. He wrote on the back of this picture "Ready for polar bears."

Nearly ALL the menfolk on my dad's side -- all the uncles and a few of the cousins.

Not pictured, but valued all the same:
Grandpa Hummel
Grandpa Lewis
BIL Paul
and hopefully I haven't forgotten any.

Also remembered today, for a different reason 
is a dear friend, Amanda.

As you can tell from the incandescent smile (and the duct tape pants), she was our kind of people. She passed away two years ago today after a car accident. Karen misses her "stylist" and friend.

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