Monday, November 8, 2010

What I did this week instead of blogging.

I kinda burned out there, blogging every day in October. Karen wanted to do it again this month because of the whole "Blogging Month" thing, but I said no. Unless she wants to post everyday instead of me.

I can't do it! I is bizzy! I has lots to do! I'm a responsible adult, after all.

So here's what I did this week instead of blogging:

VOTED -- please see previous post.

Edited 14 BILLION photos: family portraits mostly, and also Lovely Whit's engagement photos.

That Aussie fiancee of hers was all squinty in all the photos except the ones where we were under the bridge. Aren't they cute!! They're getting married in January. So, yeah. Pitchers. Lots of them. ALmost all edited now, only about 300 to go. Seriously. Out of over 1600 frames over the last four weeks. It's Taley's fault, she gave me a new 4gig card for the camera. Shot until it was full.

In other news, my two insane daughters decided to switch rooms this week. So they emptied all their crap into my formerly clean living room. All of it. They have too much crap. Way too much crap.

See? And there's still furniture in the rooms! Tons of it! They started last Sunday night, and a week later my living room still looks pretty much like that. GET TO WORK, LAZY GIRLS!!! Finish the job. If they think they are getting any new clothes for Christmas, they are sadly mistaken. I now know how much they already have. They don't need ANYTHING.

Also, I spent a lot of time cleaning up from Halloween. Taking the paper down from the windows, recalling all the borrowed costumes, and cleaning up the crafting mess I left behind me on the dining room table. That's where I discovered this:

Which of these things is not like the others? Which of these things just doesn't belong? I tell ya' what -- tha's what happens when you buy da google eyes at the dollar store. There was a billion in there, so I shouldn't complain.

The high point of my week was when I was SOOOO tired and SOOOO not paying attention in the shower.  I am sick, you see, and not at my best. Thing Two has shared some kind of plague with me, and I feel like I'm going to cough up a lung. My head hurts. My throat feels like I swallowed a bottle brush. I am achy and swollen, and hungry but not at the same time. It's pretty horrible, really, probably because I haven't been sick for a very long time. Probably more than a year. So I'm really being wimpy about it. And I hadn't put in my contacts yet. So in the shower I was presented with some choices when it came to hair care:

Hokay - so all are pink, and all are.....bottles of soapy stuff. So I probably shouldn't have chosen the one right in the middle. 'Cause I don't really have a problem in need of "HAIRBALL CONTROL."

WOULD SOMEONE LIKE TO EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THERE IS CAT SHAMPOO IN MY SHOWER? The cats get bathed like what? Once every six months? So maybe we could keep that under the sink instead. And then I won't have to worry about "Hairball Control" shampoo being my option for today.

Thank you for tuning in.


Brittanie said...

Oh gosh - this is hilarious. Sorry about the cat shampoo. Love the creative square engagement photo though :) When is their wedding? You should ask them if they need a florist...

Steverino said...

OK, I'm used to there being Cat Shampoo in *my* shower, and Cat Conditioner and Cat Pomade and Cat Gel and Cat Mousse. But I didn't know it had spilled out over the neighborhood.