Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Civic Duty


I hate hearing the statistics afterward. About how some absurd number like 3% of the registered voters actually managed to show up and have an opinion.

That means if half those people are whackos, you're in trouble.

Here's why you don't vote:
Not time -- too busy
Don't know where to go
Don't know enough about the candidates/issues
My vote doesn't make a difference
I hate ALL the candidates
The issues don't affect me

As a fire-breathing patriot, I must respond to this.

"Not time -- too busy": Okay, so you'd rather have people who sit around doing nothing all day vote in your place? the do-nothing's or society? Imagine if only the vagrants who watch Oprah and Tyra Banks could vote. ***run screaming from the room*** Please don't leave important decisions in the hands of people who do nothing with their lives. You're busy because you are doing stuff. Talking to people. Being a productive member of society. Please add voting to the many things you have to do. Please.

"Don't know where to go": Here's the number for the Utah County Clerk: 801-851-8128. Google it if you live in another county. Call. Ask. Besides, they should have sent you a notice in the mail. Mine said that I vote at Brent Brown Toyota, and the polling place is open from 7am until 8pm. And bring an ID. Stick this to the fridge when it comes. And don't let them sell you a car until after you have voted.

"Don't know enough about the candidates/issues": Find out. Read the Voter Information pamplet that comes in the mail. Ask your friends and/or people whose opinions you respect. I know you have internet access, because you're wasting valuable time reading this post instead of searching for voting information online! Do not rely on commercials. If you delete the name from the candidates ad, it could be for any person. Even Gary Coleman. You can't vote for him anymore, because he died in a tragic accident ealier this year. You can't vote for Arnold Schwartenegger anymore either, he's bagged his limit. Read the pamplet. Read the paper. You're smart, you'll figure it out.

"My vote doesn't make a difference": Yes, it does. Like if you disagree with your husband, you can cancel his vote out!!!!! Or not. Or you could add more power to the votes of other like-minded individuals. Al Franken won his seat with a margin of 350 votes. So 351 lazy people could have kept that from happening and didn't.

"I hate ALL the candidates": So what. One of them is going to be elected. Let it be the one you can live with.

"The issues don't affect me": Well, they affect somebody. Probably someone you know. And if they don't affect you now, that is no guarantee that they won't someday in the future. Get informed. Read that pamplet again, and make a determination about what is best for your community.

Once upon a time there was a movie called "Idiocracy." I'm not endorsing it, I rented it by accident not knowing the rating, and I didn't get far into it before the profanity drove me away. But the premise is valid: if intelligent, rational, thoughtful individuals stand aside and do nothing, the idiots will take over the world.

Please, help me out here. Don't let the idiots take over the world.

Thank you for listening to my rant.