Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reading Glasses

Last Sunday, after church was over, I was stopped in the 
hallway by Eclair's Primary teacher. (Don't you just dread being pulled aside by your kid's teacher?  It's rarely a good thing.)

"Your daughter is so cute and funny! I asked if she could read a scripture and she made me wait until she put on her glasses so she could read. Then she pulled these fantastic glasses out of her bag! She's SO funny!"


Eclair needs glasses to read.

Not like me and my dollar store magnifying reading glasses.

Eclair's glasses have.......well, CLASS.

See for yourself: 

When she was reading (Harry Potter, of course) in the car at dusk one evening, 
wearing her "reading glasses," I asked if maybe I could pop out the rose colored lenses so she could see better? 
"No, Mom, they are fine. They really help me to concentrate."

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Nemmer said...

She's awesome. :) My BIL was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, and later found that with colored glasses (rose-colored, but they were a prescription tint) his condition improved. He used to get crazy headaches from fluorescent lights, and the glasses helped with that. So maybe she's on to something! Or maybe she's just showing off her awesome fashion sense. :)