Friday, February 4, 2011

Faux vintage glass

 I'm getting stir crazy and anxious for spring! One day as I was wandering the internet in search of  lovliness, I came across this at Craftberry Bush:

See those pretty jars there? Underneath those lovely flowers? I have a couple like those, very expensive Mason jars in antique blue. I live in fear that one of my children will decide to play broom hockey with one and destroy it (because they're destructive like that sometimes...).

Take a closer look at the photo: those are NOT ALL MASON JARS. I investigated. Sure enough, that talented girl Lucy at Craftberry Bush has been making faux vintage glass. But she has no tutorial. So I searched hither and yon and discovered how it's done at Bridal Buzz. And that tutorial is fantastic, made me all brave like I got skillz or something.

You need glass jars, a fan brush, and Vitrea 160 paint and thinner (which I hunted high and low for, went to 5 different places and only found at Michaels). I used turquoise, but have seen similar amazing results on YouTube using other colors. Apparenlty I am the last person to discover this, because while Michaels had 72 jars of every other color, I got the last turquoise.
Look what I made:

 They are far from perfect, and have way too many brush marks, but hey! I made a pretty! I used pickle jars, and mason jars, and applesauce jars, and a couple get the picture.

So click HERE for the wonderful tutorial, and if you need to borrow my paint, let me know (I estimate that the one jar of paint would make up 47 gajillion glass jars).

Oh! I forgot to tell you where I got the lovely roses in by big blue vase!

My little friend is getting married and we did a bridal photo session. I offered to bring a "dummy" bouquet, and put it in that vase just for you. Congratulations ReBarka! ( I so love messing with people's names! She reads this blog and will be suitably horrified by my misuse of her name.)


Rogers said...

The "click HERE" has nothing to click! Help! I sooooo need to do this project :D

Julie said...

Jacy, I have never figured out how to comment on a comment, so here's the direct link:

Tara said...

Thank you for linking to the tutorial. I messed this up a few times before I found the link in your blog. Now I have some that look a whole lot better than when I tried it on my own!! :)